Contractors and engineers specializing in energy efficiency upgrades, water conservation projects, or renewable energy systems for commercial buildings can leverage the Clark County C-PACE Program to gain new opportunities.

The C-PACE program is an innovative green financing program that provides commercial property owners low-cost financing for up to 100 percent of the capital required to complete substantial energy and water efficiency improvement projects. Utilizing this program can present new business opportunities for contractors to implement large-scale, comprehensive upgrades—instead of patching up old equipment or installing temporary solutions.

Why owners participate in the C-PACE program:

  • Low-interest loans with payback terms of up to 20-30 years.
  • Third-party review of technical and financial projections.
  • Reduced energy and operating costs.
  • Positive building cash flow.
  • Improved property value.

Getting started

Sometimes contractors assist property owners with completing applications; therefore, professional services firms, including contractors, installers, engineers, and project managers, are encouraged to register with the Clark County Department of Business License. For more information visit Clark County, NV.